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Stop press: 20 March 2010 

BY GEORGE STUDIOS makes the front page of The Canberra Times arts liftout Panorama … 

The frontline - how a Canberra duo documented the making of Spielberg's The Pacific

by Amanda Walsh 

“When the new HBO blockbuster The Pacific hit television screens in the US this week, Canberra production studio BY GEORGE was popping the champagne corks.  A package of behind-the-scenes documentaries filmed by BY GEORGE STUDIOS is part of The Pacific juggernaut, reputed to be the most expensive mini-series in television history. 

So how does a small film production house hook into a mini-series produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks?  For Canberra cinematographer Robb Shaw-Velzen and his wife, writer/producer Georgina Jenkins, the answer was good contacts, high-level experience and an almighty sales pitch to US cable network HBO….” 

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Robb Shaw-Velzen on the set of The Pacific during His filming of the making of